Preparing For Your Puppy

So you've just placed a deposit on your newest family member! The kids are hugging themselves, almost falling over with excitement. You can't stop grinning. Visions of a cuddly fluffball curled up on your chest while you watch TV keep stealing into your head. 

But suddenly, you realize that you have nothing prepared! What will Puppy eat out from? What will she play with? You realize you have no idea what food she's eating? There's so many things that must be done! But where to start? 

There are a few things that you can do before you even bring your new puppy home to make it easier for both of you to adjust. 

Here's a few of our suggestions

  • Get a crate.

We have found that getting a crate that grows with the puppy like this one from ​Amazon works very well. Being able to make the crate the proper size is incredibly important for correct crate training. 

  • Make an small area of your house puppy proof. 

There will be times that your puppy cannot be closely supervised by you. In those times, you will want somewhere safe to put her. ​

Find an area of your house that is on linoleum or vinyl flooring. This makes any accidents easier to clean up. Make sure it has no furniture, electric cords, or anything else Puppy could potty on accidentally or sink her teeth into. 

I highly recommend getting a fold-able exercise pen like this one from Amazon. These are amazing because you can make them into any shape you desire. Set it up on a hardwood or linoleum floor and pop Puppy in whenever you can't watch her closely! 

  • Puppy's first night home is always tough. She's missing her mama and her siblings, and sleeping in a crate all by herself is just downright scary

To make it easier on everyone, I highly recommend purchasing this Snuggle Puppy from Amazon ahead of time. Make sure it works as soon as you get it. That way its ready to go as soon as Puppy gets home!

Another thing that can help with homesickness is to ask us for a T-shirt that has been rubbed on mom and Puppy's siblings. Lay this T-shirt over the Snuggle Puppy once you get home, and it should help alleviate some of the homesick wailings. 

  • Make a litter box. 

All of our puppies come mostly litter trained. They have been going in a litter box since they could walk. To make it easier on you, you could make a litter box for Puppy. This will make it possible for Puppy to take himself to the bathroom at night, or while you're away, lowering the chances of a puddle or a present on the floor for you when you get home! 

Litter boxes are cheap and extremely easy to make. Get a 32-qt (23"L by 16"W) clear storage box from Walmart. Cut away a small section of the edge to make it easier for puppy to get in and out. 

Tractor Supply carries Equine Pelletized Bedding which works like a charm for the litter. It absorbs liquids within seconds and sticks to the solids to minimize Puppy tracking it all over your house. It doesn't create dust and there's no odor. 

Put a thick layer over the bottom of the box, and put it in the corner of Puppy's "puppy-proof" area. (Do not put it in Puppy's crate or kennel.) Try to put it in the back, away from where you walk, so Puppy doesn't run into it as she's running to meet you. 

Collect Puppy's first poop and put it in the box. Puppies live by what smells, and unless this smells like a bathroom, she may be reluctant to use it as one. After the first day, you may scoop out solids and the crumbled pellets to keep it looking clean and fresh. 

  • Buy a leash and collar or harness. 

For the first couple weeks, keeping Puppy with you full time or in her crate or pen is a foolproof way to make sure you catch the first signs of a needed bathroom break as well as keeping her out of trouble. ​

One way to keep her with you while you are working is to keep her leashed to you. Buy leashes that are longer than normal. This will allow Puppy to have her freedom, but not be able to escape off into another room. 

  • Food and Water Bowls

Get several more than you think you need. That way you can wash them and swap them out when necessary. Stainless steel is much more durable than plastic, and with Puppy trying her teeth out on everything, stainless​ steel will look a lot more like a food receptacle than a toy. 

Walmart carries quite a few different sizes, and some even with cute designs on them! 

  • Toys

There are two different ​types of toys that exist. One is the chew toys like bone or antler pieces. The other is training toys like squeaky or tug toys. 

I recommend to only leave the chew toys in plain view with all the time access. The training toys can then be used for reward or something special. They will also help keep Puppy's attention on you while you are playing. 

Of course, each family is different, and you are welcome to your own choices that fit with your needs. However, do keep a watchful eye on the softer toys, as puppies tend to shred and tear them very easily. 

  • Dog Bed

Because puppies love to chew, I don't recommend buying them a bed right away. I would use an old towel or blanket at first as they are very easy to clean and not so tempting to chew! ​

  • Food

It is important to have the food your puppy is currently eating ready at home before you get her. All our puppies are on Diamond Naturals Puppy Formula. We may have a small eight-pound bag available here if you ask about it ahead of time. Local feed stores, tractor supply, and Amazon carry it as well. 

  • NuVet Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Shortly after birth maternal antibody effectiveness is greatly reduced. By 8 weeks your puppy’s immune system is at a vulnerable point. Once in their new home, the immune system is weakened by the stress of adoption and exposure to novel bacteria and viruses in their environment. We've found an amazing supplement called NuVet that boosts your puppy's immune system and makes for a smooth transfer from our home to yours. We've used it for two years now and noticed a big difference in our puppies, as well as our adult dogs! 

We also offer a Genetic Guarantee on every one of our puppies. If any genetic issues would show up in the first year including eye and/or heart issues. Of course, we don't expect any, but if they would show up, we will cover them. The only requirement is that they are given the NuVet supplement for that first year. 

Since our puppies have been getting this immune and body support since before they were born, we recommend ordering a bottle of these wafers and have them on hand before your puppy comes home. Follow the link to order and type in code 65386 when asked. 

If you'd like to read more about the NuVet supplement, has more information. 

  • Puppy Class

Something we highly recommend is a Puppy Obedience Class. This will get Puppy well socialized and will get her a wonderful foundation on obedience. The trainers there may even have great advice on potty training! PetSmart, Petco, and even some vets all provide a puppy class that will get you started with a lovely well-trained family member! 

And there you have it! You are now ready to bring home your newest, cuddliest family member! Remember to have fun and take lots of pictures, because they're only little once! 

Some of these pictures were taken from Google, I do not own the rights to them. 

Most of the helpful tips were taken from Zac George's YouTube video Everything you Need to be Prepared for your New Puppy!  I highly recommend watching his videos to see many more helpful tip and tricks for potty training, crate training, and solving problems. 


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