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How Deposits and Reservation Fees Work

One of the things that ensures you get the puppy you've had your eye on is a deposit. Each breeder does deposits differently, so here's how ours works. 

Our deposits and our Reservation Fees are two separate things that work almost the same. Before a litter is born or five weeks old, a Reservation Fee is necessary. Once you have placed it via our Reserve Your Spot Now page or a private PayPal request, I will put your name down on the website as the highest pick available

At five weeks, our Reservations List gets to pick their puppy in the order that I received their Reservation Fee. Each persons gets from 24 to 48 hours to choose their puppy through videos, pictures, video calls, or a visit. 

If there are any puppies left after the Reservations List has chosen, I then get in touch with all the people who wanted to be placed on our Waitlist. Our Waitlist is the list of people who were not quite ready to place a Reservation Fee and/or wanted to wait a little. Once those people have decided whether or not the puppies left in the litter are right for them, I move on.


The puppies are now placed on the website. Now is when the Deposits are placed. Each individual puppy is listed with his or her price on the website. You are welcome to get in touch with us and place your deposit! 

The main difference between a Deposit and a Reservation Fee is that the Deposit guarantees you a particular puppy while the Reservation Fee guarantees you a picking spot! 

Now that you understand how this all works, head over to our Place your Reservation page and get in line for your newest best friend! 

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