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The Cocker Spaniels

The Cocker Spaniel was from England originally, but was brought the North America in the 1800’s. The Cocker Spaniel was bred to flush small birds and animals from brush for a hunter. The name Cocker Spaniel is derived from woodcock, a bird the Cocker Spaniel was very adept at finding. Today, Cocker Spaniels are used to hunt game bird and water fowl.

The Cocker Spaniel is not a big or heavy dog, standing fifteen to sixteen inches high at the shoulder and weighing eighteen to twenty pounds. They are best known for their long hanging ears and docked tail.

Because they were bred to be a hunting dog, Cocker Spaniels are willing, obedient, and intelligent. Extremely easy to teach, they are loyal and always ready to please. Being merry little creatures, they seem to always have a smile on their face and a leap in their feet.

The Cocker Spaniel loves activity, chasing a ball or a cat. To walk alongside their master for hours on end is a pleasure to this lovable creature. When hot, they will not hesitate to plunge into a stream or lake and paddle around in utmost enjoyment.

Red/Buff Cocker Spaniel Female
Scarlett's Lil' Sunshine

This red beauty is my Sunshine everyday! This girl is smart and intelligent. She loves people, and is outgoing and playful. She's never met a stranger, doggie or human! 

She was easy to train as well. All Cocker Spaniels have a desire to please and Sunshine is no different. I know that she will pass that color, those smarts, and that eager desire to please down to her children. 

She's very cuddly and always checks in with me the most when every one is outside for playtime. 

She changes color according to the weather and how much sun she had, but she has a red stripe down her back and sides, and buff legs and topknot. She has red, buff, chocolate, silver, and one black in her background. I'm expecting red and buff puppies from this handsome doll!

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DNA genetic testing available upon request.

Black and White TriColor Cocker Spaniel Female
Kayla's Sparkle and Fizz N'Z Fog

Her call name is Bubbles, and it fits her personality to the T! 

Bubbles is outgoing and playful. She loves to play and goof off, and is highly active. She definitely has a more dominant personality, but it comes out in a gentle way. She is a leader, who actually teaches the younger dogs in the pack how to come and listen to me. 

Bubbles is a tri color cocker spaniel and is AKC registered with seven champions in her pedigree. Her tan points are rather faint, but her black and white adds a new color to our group. 

Bubbles carries black parti, red parti, and tri color in her background. I'm expecting to see some stunning temperaments and colors from her in the near future! 


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Missy's Blue-Eyed Chocolate Muffin

Meet Muffin!

Muffin is smart, super cuddly, and almost possesses a therapy dog knowledge about her. She knows exactly when someone just needs a cuddle and will come right up to them, demanding pets. It's not just me, it's other people as well. 

Maybe Muffin will have a career as a therapy dog! 

Muffin is a stunning chocolate merle parti with tan points. She has the cutest of brown and pink noses, and striking blue eyes. 

Muffin is AKC registered, and still needs her official name. 

Muffin carries chocolate and white, as well as the Merle coloring. Once she's old enough, we will be having chocolate and blue merle puppies with her. 

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Her health testing is available upon request. 

Red and White Cocker Spaniel Female
Majestic Princess Josephine

Josie is our stunning red and white Cocker Spaniel. She's outgoing and playful, but she loves when I hold her. Her favorite thing is to tease Max and race around the yard with the girls. She definitely has a more outgoing personality. 

Josie is red and white and will have gorgeous puppies! She has had a litter of solid red puppies with Max which had the most adorable white markings ever!

Josie is CKC and has red and white, chocolate, blue merle, blue roan, and black and tan in her background.

I'm expecting red or red and white puppies from her, although depending on the male, we could have chocolate as well! 

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Her health testing is available upon request. 

Buff and White Cocker Spaniel Female
Captain's Sweetheart Courtney

Courtney, or Corkie as we all call her, is the youngest member of our pack. She's sweet eager to please and outgoing. But sometimes her mischiveous eyes sparkle and she dashes off on an adventure of her own. She's quick to come back though, wanting nothing more than to cuddle. 

Corkie has a linage with majority black and tan tri colored parents. How she came out as a buff and white is sorta a mysterious trick of genetics i guess. 

Corkie will most likely have solid red puppies with Max which could fade to an apricot when full grown. With Sarge, she will have black and tan tri color or maybe some chocolate and tan tri color. It will be a surprise once she has puppies! Click here for more pictures of her. 

Her health testing is available upon request. 

Captain's Snickerdoodle Dandy

This absolutely gorgeous girl is known as Snickers. She has a sweet personality to go along with her name. Snickers tries so hard to please and does her best to do as you ask. She loves to run and play and her tail is always wagging when she's playing. But she has a quiet gentle side to her as well. 

Snickers has a strong chocolate and tan and black and tan ancestry. She does carry for red, so she could literally any color of puppy, depending on the dad. We are hoping for some chocolate and tan puppies with Sarge soon. 

Her health testing is available upon request. Click here for more pictures. 

About the Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise came from the Canary Islands in the 1300’s and became popular pets for the Italian and French upper-class. Their popularity dropped during World War I and almost were lost. But they survived and took off in popularity after being introduced to America in the 1950’s.

Bichon Frise are rather small dogs, perfect as lap dogs, as they stand only nine to twelve inches high and weighing in at seven to twelve pounds. They possess round dark eyes, dark nose, and white coat which may be cream or apricot as a puppy. The small tail curves up over the back with a jaunty air. Bichon Frise do not shed at all, making them hypo-allergic and excellent for people with allergies.

With a chipper air, Bichon Frise are affectionate and responsive. They love making friends with other people, dogs, and children. With an easy, happy disposition, Bichon Frise are perfect lapdogs or your energetic and outgoing friend.

This lovable small breed is highly intelligent and easy to teach tricks. It craves human companionship and needs daily exercise. Bichon Frise enjoy vigorous indoor or outdoor games and walks.

White Bichon Frise Female

Chloe is a full blood Bichon, registered CKC. She is super sweet and loves to cuddle. Her favorite spot is by my side, or exploring with the other dogs. Chloe is an amazing mom as well. Even though she had seven of her own puppies, she and Bonnie took turns caring for three more puppies of a different breed when our (now retired) female was unable. 

Chloe does not like the water at all. She will come very lady-like up to the edge to drink, but she never gets her fur wet if she can help it. Of course, baths are a different thing. After she is bathed, she rips around the house like some crazy wound-up toy, enjoying the clean fresh feel. 

Chloe knows how to shake a paw, but is rather selective with the people she lets shake it. Know that if you get to shake her paw, she has evaluated you, and found you worthy of her paw! 

Chloe's puppies have all been Cavachon, a mix between a Bichon and a Caviler King Charles Spaniel. All of her puppies have taken home a sweet and gentle nature and a natural ability to specially connect to children and the elderly. 

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White Bichon Frise Female

Krissy is a bundle of sweetness and fun. She is a little smaller than Chloe, but the perfect size for smaller Cavachons. Our plan is for her and Rusty to go honeymooning when she's old enough. :)

Krissy loves the water. In the afternoon, she goes dipping in her water bucket several times a day. Although she's the cleanest dog in the pack, it makes her water very dirty. So we have had to put two buckets out, one for her to dip in, and one to drink from! 

Krissy has a very quirky personality. She seems to always be laughing and loves to run. 

Krissy is smart as a whip. Sometimes, too smart for her britches! She knows when I'm unable to come after her, and will choose that moment to dart crazily around me, that tongue seeming to laugh at me! 

But sweet and gentle is her middle name, and after a few seconds of evasion, she can't help herself and comes running to be praised! 

Krissy will pass down a smart and gentle personality to her puppies. Her puppies will be snugglers and cuddlers with a huge sense of humor. 

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About the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog (also known as the ‘Berner’) is the most well known mountain dog from Switzerland, distinguished by its long, soft coat. Like many breeds, its origins are uncertain, but it likely descended from Roman Mastiffs crossed with sheepdogs during the Roman invasion of Switzerland in the first century B.C. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a shoulder height of 58-71 cm (23-28 in) and weigh 36-50 kg (80-110 lbs). They are a large, agile dog with a flat, broad skull, dark eyes and nose, triangular ears, scissors bite, and defined stop (point at which the muzzle meets the forehead). Bernese Mountain Dogs have low hanging, thick tails, deep chests, and round feet. 

The Bernese Mountain Dog is distinguished by its highly recognizable tri-color pattern. It has a solid black body, legs, head and ears, rust or tan colored cheeks and calves, and white chest, muzzle (with a stripe running up to the forehead), toes, and tail tip. The only variation in pattern is the amount of white. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a dense undercoat and straight or curly medium-length outer coat. It is highly weather resistant and slightly rough, but not harsh. Bernese Mountain Dogs shed their outer coat year round.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are friendly, vigilant, and very loyal to their family. They intelligent, attentive, and calm. Bernese Mountain Dogs require frequent human companionship. They are great with children and will protect their loved ones. They get along well with cats and other household pets, provided proper socialization has taken place. The Bernese Mountain Dog will announce unfamiliar visitors with a hearty barking and watch them carefully. 

Black and tan Bernese Mountain Dog

Beautiful Zena is the biggest dog in the kennel but she has no idea.  

Zena is a hoot! When it's playtime outside, beware, for she may bowl you over accidentally! But when our seven year old walks her, she's as quiet and calm as a lamb! 

Once, our seven year old took Zena into the yard and tried to create a harness for her to pull a wagon with. For a good two hours, Zena sat or lay quietly beside her, waiting for the next command! It was absolutely beautiful! 

Zena still has a mischievous side, though, don't you worry! Last night, it was bedtime and i had to chase her all over the yard until she slipped into her kennel by herself and looked at me like "Aren't I such a good girl?? I need kisses now!" And of course, I couldn't stay mad at such a face! 

She is AKC resistered as well. Her health testing is available upon request. 

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