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Maybe you've placed a deposit on a puppy. Maybe you're still looking! At any rate, bringing a new puppy home is super exciting! 

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Corkie                Max

  • Born Jan 13, 2021

  • Ready to go March 10, 2021


  • 3 males, 3 females

  • red with white markings


S Litter

Fat and chubby and healthy and growing, Corkie's puppies are gorgeous. 

Corkie and Max Cockapoo Litter Reservations List
First Pick-Kimberly Huynh
Second Pick-Kimberly Huynh
Third Pick-Maragaret Wampler
Fourth Pick-Sheila Tichenor
Fifth Pick-Deborah Schoenfeld

Muffin                Sarge

  • Born Jan 13, 2021

  • Ready to go March 10, 2021


  • 2 males, 4 females

  • chocolate merle tan point parti, blue merle tan point parti, red with white mkngs, red/white parti


T Litter

We love Muffin's litter so much! They are happy and healthy. 

Muffin and Sarge Cockapoo Litter Reservations List
First Pick-Bryant Punt
Second Pick-Kristen Perez
Third Pick- Tanya Wright
Fourth Pick-
Fifth Pick-Virginia Bound
Standard Bernedoodles

Zena                Lafayette

  • Born Jan 23, 2021

  • Ready to go March 20, 2021


  • 4 males, 4 females

  • tri color, black and tan, solid black


U Litter

These puppies were incredibly difficult to find names for, but I think we've done it! Names to be released on the page soon.

Some Available
Zena x Lafayette (Albark Kennels) Standard Bernedoodle Litter Reservations List
First Pick female- AVAILABLE
Second Pick Female-AVAILABLE
Third Pick female-AVAILABLE
First Pick male tri- Whitney Horne
Second Pick male tri- Don NJ
Third Pick male-AVAILABLE
Fourth Pick male-AVAILABLE

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