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Zena                 Derby

Zena and Derby's standard F1 Bernedoodles! Both Zena and Derby are DNA health tested, as well as Derby has hip and elbow X-Rays. Derby is tested for the correct coat, so these puppies will be non-shedding! 


Jamie is a gorgeous perfect tri colored boy. His tail is always wagging. 



She is a perfectly marked tri. Journey was named in honor of the many journeys that her mother Zena and I (Melissa) have been on together. She is an outgoing and playful girl. 



Justin is tri colored, beautiful big boy. He's more on the quiet side right now. 



Jordan is considered tri color even though he only has a little white splash on one side of his nose. 


Joey is the littlest boy in the litter. His brown points are just barely visible. Whenever you pick him up, he holds so still and just cuddles into your arms so sweetly. 


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