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Josie                 Max

Josie's puppies came on October 3, 2019! Everyone is now reserved from this litter. 

The older puppies are Josie and Max's previous litter, all grown up!


Dark blue collar.

 Elvis is a dark red boy with white markings. His hair is curly and non-shedding. Elvis is sweet, gentle and super smart. He is 100% litterbox trained with very few mistakes. He will transition very easily to pottying outside or on a  puppy pad. 



light blue collar

Red and white with a touch of that gorgeous white, Edmund is the sweetest. Outgoing and playful, he also has a quiet respectful side to him. He loves children and loves to interact with them. He is 100% litterbox trained and that will transition easily to going potty outside. 


Muffin                 Rusty


Muffin's litter of F1 Cockapoos! These babies were born December 7, 2019 and are ready to go home Feb. 1, 2020. 


Fallon is a medium level personality and energy level. She loves to play and has a big sense of humor. She has a precious milk chin that people always notice and comment on. She also has white on her chest. 



She's the outgoing goofy puppy of the bunch. She loves to interact with humans and plays extremely well with the other puppies. Even though she's outgoing, she is not dominate and does not bully the other puppies. 



Flower is my sweet, soft, and quiet girl. She loves to play, but is much more relaxed about it. She loves to cuddle with people, and would almost rather cuddle up with me than goof off with the siblings. 



Fancy has a medium personality and energy level. She's perfect for playing with the kids and then snuggling up for a nap. She loves to play with the other puppies and her and Flynn get along like two peas in a pod. Fancy is going home with Rebecca!



Flynn loves people. He's very quick to connect to everybody. And once he's connected, he loves to talk to you. Flynn also loves to cuddle. He snuggles right into the crease of your arm. 

Flynn is going home with Wendy G. 


Sunshine                 Max


Sunshine's F1 Cockapoos! These babies were born December 7, 2019 and are ready to go home Feb. 1, 2020. 


Bubbles               Sarge

Bubbles only had one little cockapoo girl!  She was born December 20, 2019 and are ready to go home Feb. 14, 2020. 


Chloe               Rusty

Chloe had three precious little girls only hours after Bubbles did.  This litter was born December 21, 2019 and are ready to go home Feb. 15, 2020. 

Cavachon red and white puppies

I Litter (Cavachons)

From left to right: 

Ireland, Iris, and Isa


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