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Muffin                Sarge

  • Born June 22, 2020

  • Ready to go August 17, 2020


  • Two boys and two girls

  • Blue merle tri, chocolate merle tri, chocolate and tan


He's named after the little boy in "The Jungle Book" who lived with wolves

He's a blue merle parti tanpoint. And the parts of his nose that are pink, will stay pink! 

Temperament hasn't started to come out yet, but he loves to be held. 



She's named for her coat color, as delicious and chocolate as they come.

She is a chocolate and tan

Her temperament hasn't come out but she seems like one of the quieter, chill puppies. 



He's got his name for multiple reasons. One is that Mike was a wildly requested name from the people at our house. 

He's a chocolate and tan. 

Most Mikes I know are outgoing, a little crazy, but completely lovable. This Mike is leaning that way, except not the crazy.



Named for the DisneyPrincess.

She is a chocolate merle parti with tan points. 

She's outgoing like her namesake, with opinions just as big. As long as we cuddle her tho, she's ok with us doing what we need to. 

Muffin x Sarge F1 Cockapoo Reservations List
First Pick      Jensen               parti male
Second pick  Susan Bott         any color but Mer female
Third pick     Kaylee Cortes    choc/tn, choc/tri male
Fourth Pick   Kristine Perez     choc merle parti, any gender

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